For a college student laboring with the growing need for accurate and easily accessible information, the wide range of mobile apps for reference reveals itself to be an instant academic treat.  From dictionaries of ambiguous words to translation tools, math cheat sheets to world maps – everything that you need to access and recall can now be made possible through your smartphone.

The range of reference apps available for download in the app market today is astounding.  College students have become their main targeted client as they hold information beneficial to the students.  Here are some of the best reference apps that a typical college student shouldn’t be without:

  • Dictionary / Thesaurus.  You don’t have to bring along a thick dictionary / thesaurus book every single time just so you could find the meaning of an unknown word you had just come across with.  There’s Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus for Android phones and you can also get apps from and  You can even find a math dictionary easily these days.
  • eBook reader.  Feel like reading a book or browsing through book directory sites during your free time?  Then there are many interesting ways to read your eBooks aside from that boring built-in eBook interface on your phone.  Try out a few impressive ones like Aldiko book reader and Goodreads Droid.
  • Wikidroid.  Wikipedia is considered to be the most user-friendly and highly accessible reference site for both students and adults.  The Wikidroid app will format all the entries on Wikipedia to suit a smooth reading experience.
  • Grammar-related apps.  For a well written, grammatically-correct essay and write-up, it helps to have an app that lets you see a digested summary of grammar rules, lessons and explanations.  Try out Grammar Express and Grammar Guide.
  • Math-related apps. Whether or not you’re a math major, you will still have to solve math-related problems from time to time.  Math Ref, Math Reference, and MathScript are good choices.

There are still more to explore when it comes to reference apps that would be highly useful for students and this includes apps that support office suites for Android phones, folder organizers, doc apps, formula cheat sheets for math, chemistry and physics subjects, language and translation apps, and many more.   As the market for reference app development is now fast on the rise, it’s now easier for you to find the most ideal reference app for your smartphone.

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