A closer look both inside the app market and the consumer electronics world reveal a transformation when it comes to how mobile users now access the information highway.  Thanks to the advent of Internet, young and adult alike will never have to search through the pages of reference books just to know about vague key terms or to clear up some ambiguities that they have come across with.  With so many one-stop resources in the form of mobile apps for reference developed for mobile phones, it’s now easy to confirm the right answers in an instant.

At Rocket Tier we work hard to help you tiptoe your way to some of the most useful reference apps in various fields of subjects, purpose and utility.   From virtual sky astronomy reference, mortgage calculator and math formula utilities, to dictionary and translation tools and password generators, the IT professionals at Rocket Tier can build and create the most ideal app that you will need.  You can contact us at 210-570-0083 if you need our expertise in the area of reference app development.

Reference Mobile Development

What could be better than instant access to a piece of information from your iPhone and iPad when you badly needed it?  You can now download an entire library of information to your phone which you can easily access at anytime.  Turn your phone into a portable encyclopedia or a computational information database with the range of reference apps available in the app market today.

But if you want a reference app that’s built to suit your specific needs, Rocket Tier can assist you in formulating that idea and develop it for your iPhone or Android. Our team of custom app developers can specifically create and build solid reference apps in the following categories:

  • Travel and Map Essentials
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Mobile Encyclopedia
  • Calculators
  • Quotes and Fun Facts
  • Translator
  • White and Yellow Pages

With our varied knowledge on reference mobile development, you can now access critical information in specific area of expertise at the tap of your finger.

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Rocket Tier understands the shifts occurring as to how data and information are being shared, transferred and accessed by mobile users.  Our expert app developers at Rocket Tier can rethink the way you access the current information highway. Contact us at 210-570-0083 and let us develop the next handy and helpful reference app for you.