Mobile Apps for Your Political Campaign

Politicians are beginning to see the benefits of joining the mobile arena in the form of a smartphone app. Their voters and communities today are fast-paced and always on the go. Now with the explosion of large screened smartphones, users are forgetting their laptops and reaching into their pockets for their research, utilities and entertainment.

Utilize a mobile app to help build your grassroots movement and create touchable connections between your constituents and your campaign!

The team at Rocket Tier can help put your political campaign in the palm of the hand of current and potential voters. Whatever your target demographic may be, we can build a mobile app that can provide your constituents with helpful resources that will keep them involved with your political agenda. Along side these helpful tools your app will provide the user with quick access to your campaign’s contact information right on their iPhone or Android device.

Get Your Political Campaign App Today

Try one of our apps for yourself by downloading our Harris County Democratic Party mobile app:

Android app on Google PlayAndroid app on Google Play

Your Brand, Your Logo, Your App

Further build your campaign’s brand awareness by adding your name or logo right on the app icon. Once the user downloads your app, you will have just earned precious real estate on the screen of a device they carry around with them everywhere they go.

A study commissioned by Nokia shows that today’s smartphone users look at their screen over 150 times a day. With texting, social media, and casual gaming, every swipe through the user’s apps can be another opportunity for them to glance at your campaign’s logo.

Features To Keep Your Voters Engaged

Collect Donations
Grow your campaign funding by providing easy access to your donation address or website.

Call Constituents
You can provide users the ability to call voters and inform them of your party’s agenda.

Upcoming Events
Voters can follow your campaign’s important dates, events and upcoming deadlines right in the app.

Learn Our Agenda
Voters can learn where you stand and follow which policies and laws your team supports.

Register New Volunteers
Constituents can easily register to become volunteers from within the app.

Learn What Matters
Your app users can tell you what matters to them and what changes they want to see.

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Don’t fall behind while other campaign teams continue to find new ways to connect with their communities and voters. Let the political app development experts of Rocket Tier bring your campaign into the mobile app world. Get your mobile app started today by calling us at 1-800-341-4643 or sending us a message from our contact page.