Mobile Web Take Over

People are always on the go and when they need information, they look to their phones to give them answers. There will be 788 million mobile-only internet users around the world by 2015.

The mobile web is expected to take over and crush the use of a laptop as the most popular way to browse the Internet. Mobile searching has been reported to make lives easier according to 75% of mobile users. The mobile web is even making shopping easier. If a user needs to get more information about a product they are interested in, 46% of consumers have used their phone to retrieve that information while in the store.

Making a website mobile friendly allows users to navigate and find what they are looking for fast and easily. When smart phone users see a TV, press, or online ad, 71% of them will perform a mobile search to find the product that caught their attention. Be sure that your site is noticeable and memorable when being looked at on a mobile device. You want to attract and maintain your users attention by not making them zoom in to see valuable information.

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