WeottaGo – Get Your Local Event Recommendation

Weotta, the newly set company for intelligent iOS app development in San Francisco has released a new, one of its kind app, ‘WeottaGo’. Designed to be a local recommendation engine; the WeottaGo will pull out fresh data on what the users can or should do in their local area.

WeottaGo is a realtime data processing capability enabled app that has ties with StubHub, OpenTable, Fandango and TicketMaster; bringing out the best suggestions for users, especially with recommendations on what a user should or can do.  The recommendations the user receives from the app are usually displayed as photos and comparison tables. Users can have a quick glance of each event and decide on the money to spend from the comparison table.  The Swipe function will allow the users to share their recommendations and findings with other friends as well. The application can generate new recommendations of local events including last minute deals.

The WeottaGo users have increased in nearly 75% growth rate since its introduction two weeks ago. The popularity of the app is still mounting high and the company management said, “Sometimes people do not know exactly the next move to take. This app comes as a key requirement to solve this predicament. It is simply meant for those who want to explore the world around them.”

The app does not depend on the catalogue of local information but on improved data processing capabilities. Sources say that this has come as a result of sheer hard work between Wernick and his counterpart Jacob Perkins. As a result of the better features incorporated in the app, users are now able to have better recommendation in comparison to other competing services.

WeottaGo starts with giving popular suggestions, as time goes by, the app learns what the user likes then proceeds to include more customized recommendations. It is a good app for people who are looking for something new and interesting to know. Despite the two cofounders assuring users that the app is not going to be monetized, there are clear signs that it is already generating income. Currently, the app is available in 20 cities in the USA and its coverage will expand beyond.