There’s An App For That

Lately, it seems like there’s an app for everything. There are apps for growing villages, slinging birds, tracking your exercise and even for watching your favorite teams on game day.

More and more companies are creating apps to help appeal to their customers by integrating useful and helpful features. Businesses like law firms can integrate a feature that will allow you to send accident information like photos or video straight to them from your phone.  With about 700,000 apps existing across iPhones, Androids, Windows and other platforms, 14 billions apps have already been downloaded.

Apps have become synonymous with the word easy. Easy to download, easy to access, and easy to use.  With one tap, apps allow instantaneous access to products, information, or even games. Apps can also allow the company to keep in contact with their customers through push notifications. Push notifications are text message like pop ups that send out information about sales, coupons, changes to the company, or even when it’s your move in an intense word game. Making an app for your company is extremely beneficial and almost necessary for the growth of your company as we become more reliable on our phones as our source for information.

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