iPhone App Stilla Is Launched

A new mobile app for iPhone has been launched with amazing features that will excite iPhone users. Stilla is a new app that allows you to create 3D like photos right on your device. This can be done from multiple images with the help of iPhone’s built in gyroscope.

Stilla, developed by Maybe It’s The Lighting, makes it possible for users to shift focus to edging numerous perspectives of scenes and convert them into movable 3D space. It will make capturing pictures and scenes easier and enjoyable.

Sharing of images in 3D has now been made simple with the Stilla app. Users can opt to do the sharing in the app or through web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The shared images can then be explored and rotated in 3D space. Taking still photos has now been made better with the launch of the Stilla. Users can now easily take different view points and angles of any photo.

However, Stilla is only compatible with certain devices because of the heavy need of the iPhone’s gyroscopic sensors. The sensors are important to the app in order to calculate and determine the attitude of the device and these sensors are not available in earlier iPhone, iPads, and iPod Touches. Stilla is now available in the App Store.